Moment of the match

25th April 1998 - Warrington Town 1 - 1 Nantwich Town

Macdonald makes a point

Town are 1-0 down to a blatantly onside goal from Nantwich scored late in the first half. Warrington's defence were left pointing accusing fingers at Neil Boardman who played the striker onside. However, Town are pressurising the Nantwich midfield, and after some solid tackling, the ball is hoofed out high and wide on the right to a lone Gavin MacDonald. The ball bounces twice in front of him before he strikes a sweet lob over the advancing keeper.

Alan Hansen says: Ay weeell Town ar oan thi raight treck an it woas a haard fought point theeve earned there. But a mean, tae bee hoanest, weell, tha first gool was reeeally apallin defendin. Ye wouldne see tha in pub foootball, neve mind Northwes Countiees.

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