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5th October 1999

Warrington Town 0 - 0 Oldham Town

Town started this game well, but in the end managed to gain only a point in a woeful game against Oldham Town. In fact, this could quite possibly have been one of the most boring games Cantilever Park has seen for some months. Except it started so well, and promised so much.

Town were playing in their purple strip today, against an Oldham side in Yellow. Pressure at the start saw Town well in control and a lucky bounce gave Ged Bushell a great chance to round the keeper. He did so but his cross to the Advancing Town front line was blocked. Just two minutes later Andy Tague came close after controlling the ball well on his chest. Town were winning corners left right and centre. Ged again rounded the keeper to set up a Town header which was blocked again. The pressure was piling on the Oldham keeper, as Town won free kick after corner after free kick and Ged looking like he would put one in any minute.

But then an Oldham snap shot hit the bar and Town fell apart somewhat. Oldham got into the game a bit more. And a bit more. And a bit more until the teams were cancelling each other out until the half time whistle blew.

The second half continued as the first half ended.Then it was more of the same and more of the same and more of the same. Town had a feeble shout for a penalty turned down and a bobble on the pitch halted an Oldham break, but apart from theat and a Town free kick which was almost fumbled in, absolutely nothing happened. At all. And that was it. And everyone went home.

Alan Hansen says: Ay weeell ye know, a wer asleeep fer moost o th' gaaam but i mean yev jes gottae maake moor of the feew chaances ye geet in the niynee meeenits, eh?