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26th September 1998 - Warrington Town 5 - 0 Ashton Town

We've won at home, we've won at home

Town stormed to a 5-0 thrashing of Ashton Town on Saturday, playing the best football Cantilever Park has seen in months. Ashton were completely overwhelmed by the sheer pace of the Town attacks and the amazing crispness of the passing around the slightly-less-bobbly-than-usual pitch.

Pressure in the first minute from Ashton which saw them win a corner caused a few anxious glances around from the spectators, but they were soon replaced by cheers when Town went ahead after about seven minutes. After a strong midfield battle, the ball was knocked out to James Ward in the inside left position, from where he allowed the ball to bounce once before striking a great volley over the advancing keeper into the net at the Bridge End.

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Ten minutes later Town were 2-0 up after Paul Berry, who had a great game, dribbled along the right wing, beating one man before rounding another on the edge of the box. He whipped in a low cross which evaded several flailing feet before Damien Whitehead slammed the ball in at the far post. 2-0 up and Town were on fire - applause this loud and enthusiastic not having been heard at Cantilever Park all season. The third and final goal of the first half was just as good, if not better than the others. A great clearance from Alan Thomson from the Town goal was headed down to the feet of Kevin Dack. He dribbled the ball around two Ashton players in a blur of feet before laying the ball off to the awaiting and goal-hungry Damien Whitehead. After looking up, Whitehead fired home a vicious drive low and to the 'keeper's right which nearly flew through the back of the net. Town hadn't been 3-0 up at half time at home for years, never mind months.

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The second half started well for Town, further pressure on the Ashton goal producing some real chances and near misses. About 15 minutes into the second half, Paul Berry once again began to weave his magic along the Town flank and crossed low. The first shot from Kevin Dack came back off the keeper and fell to the feet of first half goal hero James Ward who cracked home the rebound. Two Town players were on for a hat-trick. This was unbelievable stuff coming from the men in Yellow. With fifteen minutes left on the clock, Damien Whitehead stormed past the Ashton right back, leaving him flat on his backside before his cross was tapped in by Kevin Dack. He had deserved a goal all afternoon. Whitehead, after juggling the ball round about three defenders came close to the hat-trick when his shot with the outside of his boot missed the top left corner by literally a matter of inches. It was so nearly Gianfranco Whitehead. Still, Town kept applying the pressure and saw the ball rebound off the top of the Ashton crossbar with the 'keeper flapping after a mad scramble. The final ten minutes saw the introduction of all three subs, including Kevin Tyrell. Never mind the SAS, alongside Kevin Dack, Tyrrell makes up the second piece of the jigsaw which is the KAK strike-force. The crowd was expectant, and all were on the edge of their seats when Tyrrell shot inches wide after being given acres of space by the frustrated Ashton defence.

Undoubtedly Town's best performance for quite some time, yet witnessed by so few, Town will surely now bring in the crowds if they consistently turn out such good performances. Watch out Fleetwood Freeport.

Alan Hansen says: Ay weeell ye know, fer a cheynge am noo goonae be slaggin oaf ye hoam teem bu a will say, tha visitoors defence wasne qui rait was it, eh?