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Cantilever Park

Location map & directions

If, for some reason, you actually want to come to Cantilever Park, instead of just following the team from the comfort of your own home using this website, here are some directions.

A view from the bridge

This photo shows the ground as seen from the Cantilever bridge which dominates the skyline.

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  1. Club & dressing rooms This is where the bar is, complete with photos of the glory days, when Town played at Wembley in the 1987 FA Vase Trophy Final.
  2. Pie shop Bovril, pies, Wagon Wheels, and other normal things e.g.. tea, coffee, Mars bars available at half time. Taste the pies here. mmmm
  3. Club shop Get your programmes here! Also featuring official Town merchandise including replica shirts, scarves, hats, car stickers...
  4. Turnstiles 3 adults, 1.50 under 16 (sometimes it's free)
  5. Canal side If it's raining you can enjoy the luxurious plastic seats here, but best of all there is the chance to slag off, hurl abuse at, laugh at, etc. the opposition bench who have to sit in the dugout in front of you.
  6. The "Bridge End" stand No seats here, but most of the fans congregate behind the goal
  7. The pitch Cantilever Park's notorious bobbly mud-patch. Produces some great flying tackles, mis-kicks and arguments.


WIN WIN WIN! The one and only Warrington Town spot-the-ball competition. A chance to win the superb prize of a replica Town shirt.

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