Pie shop

Here is a life size picture of one of the famous Town pies:

These are actually top quality Holland's pies, made of the finest ingredients including "British or imported beef not more than 30 months old." So there.

Please note that if you actually want to eat one of these objects, you are supposed to "order" it before the match. You can get them without a reservation but you have to wait.

Try before you buy

This is a completely unique internet experience. You can actually sample this delicious-looking pie by clicking on the fork icon to the left. This will cost you absolutely nothing, and your statutory rights are not affected.

Shop Prices

Pies 85 p
Cup of tea / coffee 30 p
Mars bar 30 p
Kit Kat 15 p
Wagon Wheel 10 p

Polos (spearmint/strong/normal).........................

15 p
Pasties 65 p
Can of drink 35 p
Flintstones Ice pop thing 10 p
Escalopes de veau à la crème only joking

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